Health Issues

Kobie was diagnosed with Pancreatic Insufficiency in 2006.  She had lost weight and was uncontrollably hungry all the time.  For the rest of her life any food I prepared for her was supposed to have pancreatic enzymes soaked in to it. I specifically state food that “I” prepared because she was (1) quite the hunter and (2) quite the food thief.  In the yard she would always be chasing after critters and once she and Ari shared a rabbit (I left the picture).  Also one year she discovered the PEAR tree!  I think that year she was addicted to sugar!

Of course, there were no enzymes on the outdoor food and in addition there were no enzymes on some food she had in the house such as eggs she stole by the dozen, numerous “to go” boxes (brought home for me), and then there was the entire pot of a dozen brats that was cooking on the stove and the spaghetti I had prepared for the rare dinner guest!  You get the picture.

It is speculated that she may not have gotten enough nutrients from her food because of EPI resulting in Osteoporosis.  This would have weakened her bones to the point that the humerus bone split when she slammed into the wall.

We’ll never know for sure but one thing is certain and that is that she struggled with EPI always being hungry and sometimes having trouble eating the food with the enzymes. It’s not a disease that any innocent dog should have and it’s sad when one does.

Pancreatic Insufficiency

EPI in Dogs


One of Kobie’s favorite spots was by the bird cage.  I used to say that Joshua was a food source for Kobie because he would feed her!



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